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Connectivity is key to increasing productivity and reducing costs in today’s competitive lending environment. The lending industry is moving beyond the paper-based processes of the past and towards sophisticated electronic transactions that streamline and automate workflows. At CCMC, our mission is to develop, maintain, and support user-friendly intelligent middleware connectors for financial institutions that will allow them to greatly increase their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

CCMC’s standard and custom connectors are designed so that data entered once is shared across multiple transactions and throughout several software applications. Your business rules are configured inside the connector’s Intelligent Connector Engine™ (ICE) to ensure they are followed consistently and accurately. All this adds up to happier employees, improved data quality, increased productivity, and a reduction in costs.

CCMC connector solutions have helped over 1,500 financial institutions streamline their process workflows by automating the connection between key financial systems. Our industry leading solutions require an extremely low upfront investment and have an ROI timeframe of 1 to 4 months. The highly experienced CCMC Implementation Specialists will work with you to ensure that your connector solution is configured to provide you with the maximum level of automation possible. Once installed, the Client Care team is available to answer any questions and resolve any issues you may have concerning your new connector solution.

Intelligent Connector Engine™
At the core of CCMC technology is the CCMC Intelligent Connector Engine (ICE), which CCMC has invested over 100 man-years in developing. The function of the ICE is to move, validate, edit, calculate and count data and/or financial transactions between origination and transaction systems to core servicing systems, regardless of whether they are located on-site or hosted on a public or private cloud. The ICE allows you to define default data, perform complex logic functions, and carry out comprehensive data validation – all based on business rules you configure and maintain via an Administrative Module. CCMC utilizes the Intelligent Connector in conjunction with our domain expertise and development organization to build specific repeatable solutions for financial institutions.

Intelligent Connector Engine Key Benefits and Features:

  • Changing the name that is displayed for a field, as well as which fields to display
  • Define valid values for a field
  • Set unconditional default value for a field
  • Define which fields are required to be populated
  • Create conditional requirements based on the values of one or more different fields
  • Create default value for a field conditional on the value of one of more different fields
  • Color highlight important fields
  • Create custom review lists of fields that are important to your financial institution

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Systems Supported
CCMC partners with the industry’s leading origination system and core servicing platform providers.

Origination Systems Supported

  • BytePro
  • Calyx Point
  • CRIF – ACTion
  • D+H – MortgagebotLOS™
  • Dexma
  • Ellie Mae – Encompass360
  • Fiserv – EasyLender
  • Fiserv – LoanLaunch
  • INTEGRA Software Systems – Destiny
  • LendingQB
  • MortgageFlex
  • OpenClose – Lender Assist
  • PCLender®
  • TCI – Decision Lender
  • Wolters Kluwer/Bankers Systems – ARTA Lending

Core Banking Platforms/Servicing Systems Supported

  • Cenlar
  • COCC – Insight
  • Corelation
  • CSI – NuPoint
  • D+H PhoenixEFE Core
  • Dovenmuehle
  • FICS – Mortgage Servicer
  • FIS – Bankway
  • FIS – Horizon
  • FIS – IBS
  • FIS – Miser
  • Fiserv – Cleartouch
  • Fiserv – DNA
  • Fiserv – LoanServ
  • Fiserv – Portico
  • Fiserv – Precision
  • Fiserv – Premier
  • Fiserv – Signature
  • Fiserv – Spectrum
  • Fiserv – Total Plus
  • Fiserv – XP2
  • Jack Henry – CIF 2020
  • Jack Henry – Core Director
  • Jack Henry – Silverlake
  • Jack Henry – Symitar (Episys)