Complete Connector Migration Coverage

With CCMC’s Complete Connector Migration Coverage, changing your LOS or core servicing system doesn’t mean you need to find a new integration solution. We have you covered!

If your financial institution changes its LOS or core servicing system during your CCMC Mortgage Loan Connector™ contract, CCMC will replace the connector solution to work with your new system at no additional cost!*

Being able to keep the same integration solution means:

  • ZERO new fees to implement
  • ZERO additional training
  • ZERO additional risks
  • ZERO worries

*Complete Connector Migration Coverage is part of the standard licensing on all five-year contracts for our Mortgage Loan Connector solutions. Your new system must be one of the many already supported by CCMC in order for Complete Connector Migration Coverage to apply. Your new Mortgage Loan Connector will be for your new LOS/CORE combination only.

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