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The CCMC Professional Services Group provides technology consulting services for financial institutions and financial technology companies.  We have over 20 years of experience working in the financial sector with the leading technology companies.  This in-depth experience combined with our extensive knowledge of financial application software uniquely positions us to provide a wide array of consulting services.

Our financial institution clients benefit from our expertise by either selecting us to help them choose a new technology solution or using us to integrate existing disparate systems.  Our knowledge of transaction processing, financial audit standards, and business requirements allows us to fill the gaps in their staff.  We structure projects to meet the specific needs of each client. Our technology consultants, implementation consultants, technical specialists, and trainers have an established track record in consistently delivering expertise to financial institutions through the complete understanding of the transaction processing and accounting cycles of our clients.

Example projects range from the selection of a new Internet banking system to the development of a custom branch sales incentive system.

The CCMC Professional Services Group also provides a wide range of consulting services for financial technology companies.  Whether they are in the startup phase or an established industry leader, CCMC’s extensive industry experience and unique interface knowledge helps clients achieve results rapidly and cost effectively.

Our FinTech projects include:

  • Development of a new teller transaction system.
  • Developing a proof of concept for a startup in the mobile payment sector.
  • Development of a turnkey utility bill payment system. (This system was later patented [7296003 11/13/2007].)
  • Development and support of specialized solutions for Basel reporting.

If you are looking for ways to improve your solutions or augment your staff, CCMC Professional Services Group can provide assistance.

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